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Skaraborg is the traditional name of the eastern parts of Västra Götaland. The area is located between Sweden’s largest two lakes: Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern.
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  Volvo, Arla and Asko Cylinda are internationally famous brands with operations in Skaraborg.  
Why Skaraborg?

Companies prosper here ...
Skaraborg has a strong industrial tradition which is experiencing dynamic development. Established industries such as agriculture, food, furniture and vehicle production are combined with the regeneration of the corporate structure and a growing number of employees within service and knowledge-based companies.

The region is home to a loyal, skilled workforce with a lively entrepreneurial spirit which ensures that large corporations are complemented by strong small business. An active network between the business community, authorities and people lays solid foundations for co-operation, development and fresh thinking.

In addition, its favourable geographical location and superb infrastructure make Skaraborg an attractive location for companies to set up business. The region is strategically located between Sweden’s largest cities, Stockholm and Göteborg, while important markets such as Oslo, Copenhagen and the Baltic region are also within easy reach.

… as do people
At the same time Skaraborg offers the benefits of a smaller town and province when it comes to accommodation, leisure activities and, not least, closeness in every sense of the word. In all, approximately 300,000 people live in a close-knit region which can also be likened to a thinned out major city.

It takes just over an hour to drive through Skaraborg, so nature, shopping and entertainment are never far away. The region has plenty to offer people who appreciate a good quality of life.

In other words, it’s easy to enjoy living here and prosper.