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It’s easy to feel at home here

Skaraborg offers great opportunities for realising your dreams. The short distances between work and home, for example, make life simple and minimise stress. Entertainment, culture and shopping are all close, as are the varied nature experiences and a multitude of leisure activities.

Social services are well-developed. Skaraborg has access to several hospitals with basic, emergency and specialist care. The educational opportunities are good from compulsory school to university and college. In addition, there are many accommodation options and house prices are low.

Skaraborg is an old district with many cultural traditions and a rich history. There is a great deal to indicate that this is where Sweden once originated. The region’s oldest town Skara was founded in 1027 and was Sweden’s religious and political centre in the Middle Ages.

In contrast to the traditions, lifestyles, urban environments and cultures are currently undergoing exciting modernisation. The common aspect of life in Skaraborg is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. This makes it easy for everyone to be happy and feel at home in Skaraborg.



  Accommodation »

Live – let the dream decide
Fresh town apartments with charm and atmosphere. A house in the country next to a meadow of flowers or a fishing lake.

Practical, child-friendly residential districts close to schools and crèches. Or perhaps a beautiful old wooden house in the centre of town. Skaraborg offers extensive opportunities for choosing how to live. The region boasts a wide range of apartments and houses in all sizes and styles.

The short distances mean it is easy to get to work, wherever you live, and the prices make it possible for your dreams to become a reality.




Living an active life
Discover nature, the lakes and the old cultural landscape. Enjoy a round of golf or climb a mountain. Try cross-country skiing or snowboarding. Bathe, fish or go for a jog in one of our many open-air recreation areas. It’s always easy in Skaraborg to have purposeful leisure time, also on weekdays, not least thanks to the Swedish right to access open land.

When you don’t fancy being active yourself, there are plenty of opportunities to watch sport at all levels. There’s first-class handball, bandy, volleyball and speedway, not to mention a host of associations such as figure skating, football, ice hockey, athletics and martial arts.

There are also plenty of cinemas, theatres, art galleries, museums and concert halls. On the whole, Skaraborg offers a diverse range of entertainment and culture, whether you prefer to be a spectator or take part yourself.

Another aspect of leisure is, of course, restaurants, bars and cafés. On his or her day off a Skaraborger may go shopping, linger over a latte in a café and then round off the day at the theatre or cinema. Or perhaps he or she may decide to go on a voyage of discovery in history, for example, among the Stone Age relics or the many traces from the early Middle Ages.



  Education »

Learning – life-long development
In Skaraborg we invest in knowledge and education. Compulsory schools and upper secondary schools are of a high standard and offer a wide range of study programmes.

The University of Skövde, located next to Gothia Science Park, is expanding strongly and today it has approximately 4,000 students. The university is very active in its contacts with the business community and has an interesting profile with cutting-edge expertise in technology, economics and languages.

The region is also home to the SLU (Sveriges lantbruksuniversitetet – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) which organises up-to-date research in collaboration with the food sector. The university offers a unique food technology education and has approximately 3,000 students.

Skaraborg also has every opportunity for life-long learning in the form of independent courses, through the University, study associations and private education companies.