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Labour market



Health and safety


Labour market

The largest private employers in Skaraborg
Volvo Powertrain – automotive
Volvo Cars – automotive
Dafgårds – convenience food
Swedish Meats – meat products
Electrolux – domestic appliances
Kinnarps – office furniture
Asko Cylinda – domestic appliances
Arla Foods – dairy products
Metsä Tissue – paper
Marbodal – kitchen and bathroom fixtures

Number of gainfully employed as a percentage
Sweden: 77.7 per cent of men, 73.8 per cent of women
Västra Götaland: 78.0 per cent of men, 73.8 per cent of women
Skaraborg: 82.4 per cent of men, 75.5 per cent of women

Number of gainfully employed as a percentage by sector

The manufacturing industry
Sweden: 18.5 per cent
Västra Götaland: 22.1 per cent
Skaraborg: 28.5 per cent

Research and development, and education
Sweden: 8.5 per cent
Västra Götaland: 8.2 per cent
Skaraborg: 7.7 per cent

Sweden: 18.4 per cent
Västra Götaland: 18.6 per cent
Skaraborg: 19.7 per cent

The construction industry
Sweden: 5.8 per cent
Västra Götaland: 5.5 per cent
Skaraborg: 5.4 per cent

Trade, transport and communication
Sweden: 18.3 per cent
Västra Götaland: 18.9 per cent
Skaraborg: 14.7 per cent

Credit institutions, property administration and corporate services
Sweden: 13.8 per cent
Västra Götaland: 12.2 per cent
Skaraborg: 6.5 per cent

Agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing
Sweden: 1.8 per cent
Västra Götaland: 1.5 per cent
Skaraborg: 4.0 per cent

Percentage of the population with post upper secondary school education
Sweden: 29 per cent of men, 33 per cent of women
Västra Götaland: 28 per cent of men, 33 per cent of women
Skaraborg: 20 per cent of men, 26 per cent of women



The University of Skövde
The University of Skövde has nine departments: Behavioral Sciences, Computer Science, Humanities, Health Sciences, Industrial Management, Engineering Science, Natural Sciences, Economic and Political Sciences and Languages.

Research is centred on information technology systems and models where the focus is on the needs and requirements of the person. The University is situated on a newly built campus in central Skövde.

Gothia Science Park
Gothia Science Park is located next to the University of Skövde and facilitates the start-up and growth of knowledge-based companies through activities, services and premises.
The profile areas are human engineering and software development within e-business, simulation technology, interactive media and IT in care and the home.

The park also serves as an excellent incubator with conditions adapted for new businesses.

The SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
The SLU in Skara organises education and research within the frame of:

• Pet hygiene
• Animal conservation
• Agricultural Science
• Food Engineering Education
• The Veterinary Medicine Programme
• The Biological Sciences College in Skara
• The Farrier's School
• Food in Europe
• The Department of Equine Studies’ further education unit

Agroväst, a subsidiary of the interest association Food in the West (Livsmedel i Väst) is associated with the SLU. Agroväst works for greater competitiveness through research and development.


Average housing prices (SEK)
Sweden: 1  200  000
Sweden exc. cities: 850  000
Stockholm 2  500  000
Göteborg 1  700  000
Västra Götaland 1  100  000
Skaraborg 555 000



Health & safety

Number of reported crimes per 1,000 residents

Sweden: 136
Stockholms län 182
Västra Götaland 138
Skaraborg 90

Hospital Care
Everyone living in Skaraborg is entitled to choose which publicly financed healthcare provider they wish to use within Västra Götaland and Halland. This enables residents, for example, to choose the hospital with the shortest waiting-time. Skaraborg has four hospitals – in Skövde, Lidköping, Mariestad and Falköping.

Public health initiatives
In Skaraborg the politicians have decided to invest 75 Swedish kronor per resident and year in public health initiatives. This is a clear indication of the importance of the public health initiatives. The basis for the work is out in the municipalities, in local public health boards or welfare boards. The term ‘the good life’ permeates the initiatives.




The express X2000 train from Skövde to Stockholm and Göteborg has over a dozen departures a day. The journey is only two hours to Stockholm and around one hour to Göteborg.

Göteborg-Landvetter is the region’s largest airport with approximately 4 million passengers a year. The airport has around 100 international and domestic departures a day to some 30 different destinations. Just over 70 per cent of the travellers are business travellers. There are also several smaller airports handling freight and passenger traffic in and around Skaraborg.

Västra Götaland accounts for a third of all shipments in Sweden calculated in tonnes of goods. Göteborg is the region’s and Sweden’s largest port. Passenger ferries also depart from here for Germany and the UK for example.

The E20 motorway which links Stockholm and Göteborg passes through Skaraborg.

Västtrafik offers many departures seven days a week for journeys within Skaraborg and Västra Götaland.